Why You Should See an Ob/Gyn Before You Are Pregnant

woman with doctor July 10, 2012 Pregnancy

Having a baby is an exciting adventure. For women who are in their childbearing years or sexually active, you may consider seeing a doctor before you become pregnant. Most women realize the importance of care during pregnancy, but might overlook the need for professional help prior to conception. Scott & White’s Dr. Belinda Kohl-Thomas is […]

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Tips for Battling Your Post-Baby Belly

May 4, 2012 Pregnancy

How to firm up extra skin and rediscover your shape Let’s face it. Your body has come a long way. After months of pregnancy you have seen your baby bump grow, slowly watching your body adjust. Then it happens. You finally have your baby. You’re feeling relieved to have uncomfortable back aches behind you, what […]

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