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Helping Your Stutterer at Home

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Listening to a child who stutters can be very frustrating. You may become impatient with your child, rushing him along to finish his sentences. You may even finish them for him. “We’ve found that truly being listened to can really help children get through the bumpy stage of developmental stuttering.” Those techniques can be counterproductive […]

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Newborn Faces Surgery in First Few Weeks of Life

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Robin Murcia was ecstatic when she learned she was pregnant with her third son. She began baby proofing, preparing the older siblings for their new brother and getting ready for the sleepless nights and ever-present spit ups. Logan Murcia was born a happy, healthy baby on September 6, 2011. College Station primary care physician Steven […]

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New Community Pediatric Asthma Education Classes and Outreach Program Offered

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Written by Michelle Schwier, RRT, AE-C, Asthma Outreach Coordinator Unmanaged asthma can interfere with a child’s daily routine – from playing sports to going to school to sleeping. In fact, asthma is one of the main reasons that students miss school due to illness – more than 14 million lost school days every year, according […]

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Caring for Cold Sores

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The young mother picked up her toddler from daycare and noticed a blister developing near her daughter’s lower lip. She figured it was a cold sore and wondered what to do. Sarah Nickerson, MD, Pediatrician at McLane Children’s Scott & White Clinic – Killeen Hemingway, says that though cold sores are a common part of childhood, they still […]

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Wha-Wha-What’s Up, Doc?

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What to Do If Your Child Stutters “I – I – I – I – I want juice.” You notice your toddler stammers and stutters, having difficulty getting words out. You’re concerned he may be developing a stuttering problem. What Is Stuttering? “If you suspect your child has a stuttering problem, we recommend you get […]

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Diabetes: What Is Out There

February 19, 2013 Healthy Living

Written by Stephen W. Ponder, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist As a pediatric endocrinologist, I take care of kids with every type of diabetes imaginable. One of the biggest problems I now see is children with “adult” diabetes, better known as type 2 diabetes. We know that our Texas children are at a very high risk for […]

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Will My Child Outgrow Her “Pigeon Toes”?

January 16, 2013 Medical Information

Within days of birth, the parents noticed their precious baby’s little feet were not like his brother’s at the same age. His little toes turned awkwardly inward. The concerned parents were directed by their child’s pediatrician to see a pediatric podiatrist. Richard N. Goad, DPM, Pediatric Podiatrist with McLane Children’s Scott & White, discusses intoeing, […]

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Most Popular Posts of 2012

January 4, 2013 Community Information

Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to another year of sharing topics with you that aide in the well-being of your family. But first we’d like to revisit the most popular topics on this blog in 2012. Here are the most popular posts, along with a quote from each. Sexual Abuse: What Is It and […]

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