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Bacterial meningitis, a devastating disease

Thumbnail image for Bacterial meningitis, a devastating disease February 10, 2016 Medical Information

I was at a conference in Washington D.C. last year learning more about becoming an advocate for immunizations around the world and in our country. As I sat there, I was in tears as I heard Jaime speak about the day she almost died. She had gone over to a friend’s house to take a […]

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Hospital teen lounge: A place to call their own

January 19, 2016 Patient and Staff Stories

It’s no secret that being a teenager can be difficult. But it’s especially tough when you’re a teen in a children’s hospital under constant supervision. After all, gaining independence is supposed to be part of growing up. Katelyn Walker, a child life assistant at McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital, wanted to help ensure the […]

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Eating Healthy As a Family Goal

Thumbnail image for Eating Healthy As a Family Goal January 7, 2015 Healthy Living

Increasing the frequency of home-prepared family meals is an excellent goal for 2015 that has numerous benefits for both the short and long term. Think back to those scenes in ‘Leave it to Beaver’ when the family gathered at the table for dinner. Turning back the clock to yesteryear might seem like a near impossibility […]

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Back to School Checklist: Preparing for a Happy, Healthy School Year

Thumbnail image for Back to School Checklist: Preparing for a Happy, Healthy School Year July 29, 2014 Community Information

It’s never too soon to begin preparing for the next school year. Here are some handy tips to help make the upcoming academic year a successful one: School or sports physical. Don’t wait until the end of the summer to make an appointment. Immunizations. Check with your school to confirm what vaccines are required. Schedule […]

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Screening Young Athletes for Heart Problems

Thumbnail image for Screening Young Athletes for Heart Problems May 2, 2014 Healthy Living

Written by Judith Lazol, MD Each year sports participants are asked to have a physical exam before the start of the school activities. Assurance of a normal blood pressure, good joint functions and adequately keen vision and proper height are part of the examination. Over the past years, schools have recognized the importance and benefits […]

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Tweet Chat – Pediatric Oral Health

Thumbnail image for Tweet Chat – Pediatric Oral Health February 11, 2014 Medical Information

Today we participated in a tweet chat about pediatric oral health with our own Kyle Frazier, DDS. The chat featured several different questions and answers around the different aspects of healthy pediatric oral hygiene. In case you missed it, some of the highlights are below. Dental care is one of the most prevalent diseases in humans. […]

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Most Popular Posts of 2013

January 7, 2014 Community Information

We’re looking forward to another year of sharing topics with you that aide in the well-being of your family. But first we’d like to revisit the most popular topics on this blog in 2013. Here are the most popular posts, along with a quote from each. Squeezing in a Spot? Get Your Sports Physical Before […]

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Mother Remembers the Joy Gifts Bring

Thumbnail image for Mother Remembers the Joy Gifts Bring December 23, 2013 Community Involvement

Tracy Ash remembers the feeling of being in the hospital during the holidays back in 2005 as her son battled cancer.  Gifts from generous individuals during the Christmas season brought a sense of joy for both her and her son as they visited the clinic.  With the help of longtime friend, Scott Duffy, and through […]

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