Being Smart with Your Smart Phone Apps

by Baylor Scott & White Staff on August 19, 2014

in Parenting

Using Your Phone to Track your Kid’s Health

We have an overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips. Do you have a question about your child’s rash? Your first instinct may be to turn to your phone for an answer. Within seconds, you can find a wide range of medical advice that can give peace of mind or just leave you more confused.

app“Technology is revolutionizing healthcare and expanding our ability to access information quickly,” says McLane Children’s Scott & White pediatrician Jessica Choe, MD. “It is an important resource which can help parents learn more about their child’s health and connect with families in similar situations.”

The Good with the Bad

Technology is truly changing the ways parents operate. Relying on phones for medical advice can be both good and bad.

Dr. Choe says some positive elements include:

  • Convenient access
  • Self education
  • Being more prepared for doctor visits
  • Further research after the visit

She also points out the negative elements of relying on your phone for medical advice:

  • Self-diagnosis
  • Misunderstanding symptoms
  • Unreliable sources
  • False information
  • Misconceptions

“Parents should be careful about what they read online because some of the information may not be true or based on facts,” says Dr. Choe.

Some Helpful Apps

Despite the potential pitfalls of using smart phones, there are some trusted apps that can be helpful to parents.

“There are several good health apps to keep track of your child’s growth, feedings, sleep schedule and learn more about various diagnoses,” says Dr. Choe.

There are hundreds of apps for children out there. Some even give you access to doctor-approved tips, tools for tracking development and other helpful resources.

The McLane Children’s website has a Health Library you can search to learn about hundreds of pediatric health conditions. Also, for McLane Children’s patients, you can download the MyChart app.

“MyChart is a great app which allows parents to keep track of their child’s health,” says Dr. Choe. “Through MyChart, parents can access their child’s health information, review test results, request prescription refills, schedule doctor appointments and communicate with their child’s physician. It is a wonderful tool that parents can use to keep their child healthy.”

So, if you’re like most parents it can sometimes be hard to remember it all. Let’s say you forget when you scheduled your child’s next appointment. With this app, you can pull it up in seconds. You can also see immunization records and a variety of other health information that is safe and specific to your child.

This app is helping to bridge the gap between parents and providers. You can take control of your child’s care by downloading theMyChart Apple app or the Android app.

“My role as a provider is to help parents take care of their child and make the best choices to help them grow and develop to their full potential,” says Dr. Choe.

If you have unanswered questions or if your phone is leaving you perplexed, reach out to your pediatrician. They can help clarify the misinformation that may be lurking online.

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