August 2014

Nervous About Night Terrors?

Thumbnail image for Nervous About Night Terrors? August 26, 2014 Medical Information

You’ve put the kids to bed and you’re relaxing on the couch, but just a couple hours later you hear a blood-curdling scream. Your rush to your child’s bedside to find him crying, inconsolable and unable to calm down. What is going on? Is my child having a nightmare? It can be disturbing to find […]

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Being Smart with Your Smart Phone Apps

Thumbnail image for Being Smart with Your Smart Phone Apps August 19, 2014 Parenting

Using Your Phone to Track your Kid’s Health We have an overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips. Do you have a question about your child’s rash? Your first instinct may be to turn to your phone for an answer. Within seconds, you can find a wide range of medical advice that can give peace […]

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7 Ways to Keep Your Baby’s Slumber Safe

Thumbnail image for 7 Ways to Keep Your Baby’s Slumber Safe August 12, 2014 Safety

While the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is still somewhat of a mystery to healthcare providers, doctors are certain that many of these deaths could have been prevented if the child was sleeping in a safe environment. Researchers from the American Academy of Pediatrics discovered that out of 436 infant deaths in 2011, […]

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Let’s Go Ride a Bike!

Thumbnail image for Let’s Go Ride a Bike! August 8, 2014 Safety

Neighborhood kids love to play together, and what’s better than a fun bike ride? Next time your child is invited to go ride bikes, be sure he grabs his helmet on the way out the door. Although bicycle helmets are not required by Texas law, it’s risky to ride without one. In fact, if your […]

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