Committed Father Keeps Vigil at Daughter’s Bedside

by Baylor Scott & White Staff on June 15, 2014

in Patient and Staff Stories

pedi250While fathers all over Central Texas will be eating their favorite meals, being showered with handmade gifts and holding their children close this Father’s Day, Brandon Matchett of Coffey, TX will be sitting in his daughter’s hospital room, waiting for her condition to improve.

The energy lease operator’s three-week-old baby girl, Zaylie, was admitted to McLane Children’s Scott & White last week in serious condition. She was placed on a ventilator and has undergone some invasive procedures.

But through it all, Mr. Matchett has been by his daughter’s side.

“I’ve been here every day, except for maybe three hours one day when I went home to get clothes,” he said.

When asked why he has continued to stay by his daughter’s side, his answer was simple.

“She’s my baby,” Mr. Matchett said. “That’s why it’s important for me to be here.”

The young father of three has been keeping a vigil by his daughter’s bedside for days, praying that she would begin to recover and asking others to keep his youngest child in their prayers.

And while his faith is strong, he knows the doctors and hospital staff are doing what they can to save his little girl.

“Without them, she wouldn’t be here,” he said. “[They] are awesome. It’s amazing the love they show for their patients and their co-workers. The two doctors that have been here mostly treat her like she’s theirs.”

Zaylie is finally beginning to show signs of improvement, and was even able to be removed from the ventilator. But, the family still has a long road ahead. That means they will be spending Father’s Day in the hospital.

“As long as I get to spend it with [Zaylie] and my other little girls, that’s all that matters.”

Mr. Matchett said he didn’t think twice about being there for all of the ups and downs of the hospital experience. He doesn’t want to miss a moment, even if it’s painful.

“You never know when you might not have time with them again,” he said. “You want to make sure you get all of the time you can.”

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