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by Baylor Scott & White Staff on January 7, 2014

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We’re looking forward to another year of sharing topics with you that aide in the well-being of your family. But first we’d like to revisit the most popular topics on this blog in 2013. Here are the most popular posts, along with a quote from each.

  1. Squeezing in a Spot? Get Your Sports Physical Before the Rush – “The thought of another school year starting this fall may be the farthest thing from your mind, but here are a few reasons to plan ahead and get your child’s physical early.”
  2. Will My Child Outgrow Her Pigeon Toes? – “Within days of birth, the parents noticed their precious baby’s little feet were not like his brother’s at the same age. His little toes turned awkwardly inward.”
  3. Newborn Faces Surgery in First Few Weeks of Life – “Logan Murcia was born a happy, healthy baby on September 6, 2011. College Station primary care physician Steven Higginbotham, MD, who had been a long-time caregiver to the Mercia family, became Logan’s doctor and saw him just days after he was born. All seemed normal with Logan at first, but, after a few weeks, his mother noticed something was wrong.”
  4. The NICU: What to Expect When Your Baby is Admitted – “Soon, a worried obstetrician was coming in to tell us that they were going to deliver my baby that day, even though I was only 34 weeks along. Panic set in as I realized how small and underdeveloped my baby might be.”
  5. Vaccines: Fact and Fiction – “Lynn Azuma, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician with McLane Children’s Scott & White – Round Rock Clinic, said parents often don’t know how dangerous it is to avoid vaccination because of a growing number of outspoken anti-vaccine advocates in the media. She offers some facts about the risks of choosing not to vaccinate.”

Do you have any topics you’d like to see our health experts cover in 2014?

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