September 2013

Young Boy Braves Brain Surgery, Meant for Bigger Things

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On the day young Ezra Carter was released from his week-long stay at McLane Children’s Hospital, he was walking down the hall in his hospital gown. This young 2 year-old boy had endured emergency brain surgery just days before and was leaving everyone in amazement with his progress. As he paraded the halls, he saw […]

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How to Move Forward After a Concussion

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If you’ve read Being Cautious About Concussions you know education is key to defending against concussions. This means understanding what happens during or after a concussion can help you avoid future damage. If you’ve experienced a concussion, you may be at risk for post-concussion syndrome. This is a complex disorder where symptoms last for weeks […]

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Foods that are “Faking” Healthy

Thumbnail image for Foods that are “Faking” Healthy September 10, 2013 Healthy Living

There are a number of benefits to eating well. We can feel better, maintain a healthy weight and prevent disease. As you try to eat better, there are some foods that are masquerading as healthy, but really aren’t. Katrina Baca, MD is a pediatrician at the McLane Children’s Scott & White Belton Clinic and helps […]

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Being Cautious About Concussions

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It all happens so fast—the roar of the crowd, the huddle, the hand-off, then comes the big hit, and in less than a minute, he’s down on the field. Teammates start to carry on, until they realize he’s not getting up. He has a concussion. As players get down on one knee to pay respect, […]

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