June 2013

Fourth of July Safety

Thumbnail image for Fourth of July Safety June 28, 2013 Safety

It’s an American tradition to use fireworks to celebrate the holidays, especially the upcoming Fourth of July. Viewing professional displays is a safe way to enjoy fireworks but personal use of fireworks is hazardous and can cause injury. Here in Texas, it is legal to sell fireworks but this doesn’t reduce the risk. Legal consumer […]

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“I Love You TOO Much… to Let You Act Like a Brat!”

Thumbnail image for “I Love You TOO Much… to Let You Act Like a Brat!” June 25, 2013 Parenting

Author and pediatrician Alma Golden, MD explains her perspective on proper discipline. Parents who are committed to the success of their children know that it is a bad idea to practice failure. The natural tendencies of children can result in real problems if they are not addressed in a consistent, firm and gentle way throughout […]

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What to Expect At Your First Ultrasound

Thumbnail image for What to Expect At Your First Ultrasound June 21, 2013 Pregnancy

When you see the outline of your baby’s profile or little limbs moving around, it truly brings the miracle of pregnancy to life.  It’s usually at your first ultrasound when the reality of having a baby sets in. I remember when I was pregnant and I got my first look at my daughter when she […]

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Are You Using the Tether on Your Child’s Car Seat?

Thumbnail image for Are You Using the Tether on Your Child’s Car Seat? June 18, 2013 Safety

If not, you could be putting your child at risk of serious injury Every parent wants to makes sure their child is secure when riding in a car seat. But many moms and dads aren’t sure if their car seat-securing skills are up to par. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that not only […]

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Baby Teeth, Big Mistakes

Thumbnail image for Baby Teeth, Big Mistakes June 11, 2013 Healthy Living

Even though they are temporary, your child’s baby teeth are important, and are still susceptible to cavities. You may think that juice in the bottle is no big deal, and baby teeth fall out anyway, but it is important to start your child off with good dental hygiene at a young age. “It’s important to […]

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Helping Your Stutterer at Home

Thumbnail image for Helping Your Stutterer at Home June 7, 2013 Healthy Living

Listening to a child who stutters can be very frustrating. You may become impatient with your child, rushing him along to finish his sentences. You may even finish them for him. “We’ve found that truly being listened to can really help children get through the bumpy stage of developmental stuttering.” Those techniques can be counterproductive […]

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Summer Swimming Safety

Thumbnail image for Summer Swimming Safety June 4, 2013 Safety

Those most at risk of drowning are children between ages one and three. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of one and four and minority children drown in pools at an alarming rate. Take simple safety steps today- teach children to swim, put a fence around pools, and […]

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