Newborn Faces Surgery in First Few Weeks of Life

by Baylor Scott & White Staff on May 31, 2013

in Patient and Staff Stories

Robin Murcia was ecstatic when she learned she was pregnant with her third son. She began baby proofing, preparing the older siblings for their new brother and getting ready for the sleepless nights and ever-present spit ups.

Logan Murcia was born a happy, healthy baby on September 6, 2011. College Station primary care physician Steven Higginbotham, MD, who had been a long-time caregiver to the Mercia family, became Logan’s doctor and saw him just days after he was born. All seemed normal with Logan at first, but, after a few weeks, his mother noticed something was wrong.

All babies spit up, a fact parents are prepared for. In Logan’s case, it was constant, and he began losing weight and becoming lethargic. Ms. Murcia took him to see Dr. Higginbotham, and they tried different solutions to treat Logan. But the vomiting and spitting up continued, and the baby was not getting better. After several visits and diagnostic exams, Dr. Higginbotham ordered one final test that revealed the problem, and Ms. Murcia learned the only treatment was to send eight-week-old Logan into surgery.

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