Great Music for McLane Children’s Scott & White

by Baylor Scott & White Staff on May 13, 2013

in Community Involvement

3Texas country music stars Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Cory Morrow and Drew Womack came together to raise money to buy a digital blood irradiator for McLane Children’s Scott & White.

A digital blood irradiator is a new piece of medical equipment to help some of the most fragile patients who need blood transfusions. The irradiator bathes a quantity of blood with gamma radiation to kill off any virus or bacteria that may be present. Also, it reduces or eliminates what is called graft versus host disease (GVHD), where a patient’s blood “fights” with donated blood following a transfusion. Blood irradiators have been used for many years at Scott & White, but this new digital version is just about to receive final approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Central Texas philanthropic women’s group called The Visionaries has wanted to raise money to buy one for McLane Children’s Hospital. They put on a “Boots and Bandanas” show last Saturday night at Schoepf’s Barbeque in Belton.

The event was a success, raising almost $240,000. McLane Company was a big corporate sponsor. Country music producer Clayton Corn helped The Visionaries put on the show, which packed in more than 600 people.

The hospital expects to get the digital bold irradiator in a couple of months.

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