April 2013

Health Hijacked by High Fructose Corn Syrup

Thumbnail image for Health Hijacked by High Fructose Corn Syrup April 30, 2013 Healthy Living

Our teenagers face a critical point in their lives where they establish lasting eating habits. They often look for fast solutions, if they eat breakfast on the way to school or grab a snack after practice. These convenient options may seem like a good idea, until these snacks are uncovered. As we take a look […]

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Thank You Volunteers!

Thumbnail image for Thank You Volunteers! April 26, 2013 Community Involvement

We love our volunteers! Join us as we thank all our dedicated, hard-working volunteers the week of April 21-27, which is National Healthcare Volunteers Week. The volunteers at McLane Children’s Scott & White are a vital part of our team. They provide a valuable service to the community and make a positive impact on our […]

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Techniques for Talking to Teens

Thumbnail image for Techniques for Talking to Teens April 24, 2013 Parenting

If there is an adolescent in your home, the next few years can be some of the best fun you have ever had, or some of the most trying. Much of that depends on how you would answer two questions: Are you communicating effectively? Yelling and one-syllable answers don’t count! Are expectations established? Are there […]

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Donations Accepted for Victims in Tragedy at West, Texas

April 19, 2013 Community Information

McLane Children’s Scott & White will be accepting donations for those impacted by the West tragedy. We have set up a drop-off location in the second small red brick building directly in front of McLane Children’s Hospital. The building is located on the SW H.K. Dodgen Loop frontage road on the right side after you […]

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Dry Up the Bed Wetting

Thumbnail image for Dry Up the Bed Wetting April 16, 2013 Medical Information

Another morning as you get your kids out of bed and off to school, you go into your son’s room and realize he’s wet the bed. The smell of urine and feelings of disappointment are both looming in the room. You’ve been changing bed sheets night after night, and doing endless loads of laundry. You […]

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The Name Game: Choosing the Right Name for Your Bundle of Joy

Thumbnail image for The Name Game: Choosing the Right Name for Your Bundle of Joy April 12, 2013 Community Information

When the doctor announced to Temple resident Tansyl White and her husband Dominic that the little squirming bundle of joy in her womb was a girl, the Whites were overjoyed. Not only were they ecstatic to have a little girl on the way, but they were excited to be able to use the name they’d […]

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Putting a Stop to the Number One Killer of Teens

Thumbnail image for Putting a Stop to the Number One Killer of Teens April 9, 2013 Safety

Handing over the car keys to your teen can be one of the scariest steps as a parent. You may feel relieved of your duties as a personal taxi driver, but letting her out on the open road will cause a great deal of anxiety, and rightfully so. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one […]

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Little Bodies and Lots of Attention

Thumbnail image for Little Bodies and Lots of Attention April 2, 2013 Community Information

Those who work with children often witness special miracles. These small spirits overcome great odds, push forward with hope, and inspire those around them. After a traumatic incident or debilitating disease, some children turn to therapists for help. Physical therapists have a unique role to work alongside these children over a period of time and […]

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