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by Jill Taylor on August 3, 2012

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Nathan Drever, MD

Having a baby is an exciting adventure. But for women who are struggling with medical conditions, having a baby may seem out of reach. There are risks involved for pregnant women with medical issues and they deserve special attention.

Just 33 years ago, newborn Nathan Drever was delivered at the Scott & White Hospital. He finds himself today as the newest maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Scott & White. He is now delivering babies at the same hospital where he was born and giving them the special attention they need.

Dr. Nathan Drever joins the team of two other maternal-fetal medicine specialists at Scott & White. These specialists are trained to take care of women who are pregnant or women considering pregnancy that have medical conditions. These medical conditions may include diabetes, high blood pressure and many other disorders or diseases.

“For me, why I picked this career is because I have two patients I need to be concerned about,” says Dr. Drever. “On the one hand, I have a mother that is concerned about her pregnancy and on the other I have a developing baby that I have to ensure is growing appropriately without any signs of distress. I enjoy the challenge of caring for two patients”

“I think that in good cases or bad cases, the opportunity and the privilege to take care of the patients is rewarding,” says Dr. Drever. “Whether the situation is good or bad, I just enjoy helping them.”

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists assist with complicated or high-risk pregnancies to make sure both the mom and the baby have the best chance at a healthy pregnancy and delivery. It can be nerve-racking to face the challenges of pregnancy in addition to your condition. Our doctors are here to guide you and help ease your worries.

If you see one of our maternal-fetal medicine specialists, you will most likely be referred. The referral can come from your general doctor, or perhaps an Ob/Gyn. Our specialists are highly trained and see a number of complicated cases. They treat women who struggle with preterm labor, recurrent miscarriage, history of birth defects, or other conditions.

They take special care of you during each stage of pregnancy.

  • Before pregnancy, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists will visit with you. They can provide counseling and recommendations for you. They can also perform physical exams or genetic testing, to gauge your risk during pregnancy.
  • During the early stages of pregnancy, they perform many ultrasounds to see the development of the baby. This helps to evaluate the pregnancy and see if there are any abnormalities.
  • As your pregnancy extends, they will watch closely and be attentive to your needs as they arise.
  • These specialists also work in labor and delivery to help you have safe, healthy babies.

In the case of high-risk pregnancy, both the mom and baby get expert care and attention. Dr. Drever said he has a lot of faith in and respect for Scott & White and that is part of the reason he wanted to come back to serve this area.

“My relationship with Scott & White started when I was a pediatric patient. I can remember even at an early age a sense of peace in knowing my doctors at Scott & White were going to take care of me,” Drever says. “It was that feeling that helped shaped my desire to pursue medicine. Those feelings for Scott & White never went away though my education and training and I always wanted to come back and contribute to the community where I was born and raised.”

For more information about scheduling an appointment with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist or more about high-risk pregnancies, visit us here.

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