August 2012

Binge Drinking: How to Educate and Protect Your Teen

teen drinking August 29, 2012 Parenting

More than 38 million US adults engage in binge drinking at least four times a month. And according to the 2011 Texas High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey, more than 23 percent of teens polled had five or more drinks of alcohol in a row within a couple of hours on at least one day. […]

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Tips for Achieving Your Child’s Optimal BMI

junk food August 24, 2012 Healthy Living

Hannah had a mocha coconut frappuccino for breakfast; a pepperoni pizza, French fries and a soda for lunch; an Oreo blizzard for an after-school snack — and then a small bag of potato chips and a half a box of chocolate chip cookies; and her mom’s best fried chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. (She […]

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Exercising During Pregnancy: What’s Safe for You and Baby?

pregnant woman stretching August 21, 2012 Pregnancy

Competing in the Olympics is hard enough. Try doing it when you’re eight months pregnant. Most women have trouble functioning normally in their third trimester, let alone participating in strenuous exercise. That’s exactly what one woman from Malaysian did in the 2012 Summer Olympics, despite catching serious flak for her decision. While I was lucky […]

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Scott & White Pediatrician Offers Advice On When and How To Introduce Your Baby to Solid Foods

Thumbnail image for Scott & White Pediatrician Offers Advice On When and How To Introduce Your Baby to Solid Foods August 17, 2012 Parenting

Your once tiny infant is now rounding the bend into her fourth month and you’ve noticed her eyeing your sandwich at lunch and reaching for the grapes on your plate. While you can’t let her dive into a BLT just yet, you can begin the process of introducing solid foods. The American Academy of Pediatrics […]

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Could Germs Be Good for Your Child?

child washing their hands August 14, 2012 Healthy Living

Germs. Nobody wants them. We want to obliterate them with antibacterial products. We want to avoid them all together. But the truth is they’re everywhere and we can’t escape them. But, that’s not necessarily bad. Scott & White pediatrician, Samuel D. Clark, DO, explains how some exposure to germs can be beneficial to your child […]

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Extreme Makeover: Lunchbox Edition

kid with lunch box August 7, 2012 Healthy Living

Find out what you should be putting in your child’s lunch and what to avoid As the new school year approaches, parents rush to equip their children with the right school supplies, clothes and accessories. But one of the most important tools for a successful school year is often overlooked – a healthy lunch. Scott […]

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Special Help for High-Risk Pregnancy

Nathan Drever, MD August 3, 2012 Pregnancy

Having a baby is an exciting adventure. But for women who are struggling with medical conditions, having a baby may seem out of reach. There are risks involved for pregnant women with medical issues and they deserve special attention. Just 33 years ago, newborn Nathan Drever was delivered at the Scott & White Hospital. He […]

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