July 2012

“You’re a Nurse, Yo” A Song for the Unsung Heroes

July 31, 2012 Patient and Staff Stories

Confined to a hospital bed with an IV in his arm, a 16-year-old teenager finds solace in his guitar. Unable to sleep, he decides to use his musical talent to write a song. As he strums on his guitar, he carefully avoids the tubes and bandages in his left arm. These hardly get in the […]

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First Aid Basics: Do you know what to do?

Dad performs first aid on son July 27, 2012 Safety

As a follow-up to our Top 5 Tips for First Aid Kits, here are a few first aid tips from Susan Burchfield with Scott & White Trauma Injury Prevention and Outreach. She says “If necessary, use the tools you have.” At times we may not have the right equipment, but with a little first aid […]

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BMI in Children – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

obese child July 24, 2012 Medical Information

Jacob’s school nurse sent a note home, but he was embarrassed to give it to his mom. The school nurse wanted his mom to take him to the doctor. She was worried that he was weighing too much. She said he had a BMI in the 97th percentile, which wasn’t good for a fourth grader. […]

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Is Your Home A Hotbed For Potential Burns?

Thumbnail image for Is Your Home A Hotbed For Potential Burns? July 20, 2012 Healthy Living

Find out how to prevent minor burns and how to treat them if they happen The summer months can bring a lot of fun events and celebrations with family and friends. But the warmer, outdoor activity-friendly weather can pose some dangers for your children. “This is the time of year where we’re outside and around […]

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Is That Your Feet?

kid holding stinky shoes July 17, 2012 Parenting

Find out why your child’s feet stink and how to reduce offending foot odors Stinky feet. The subject is not pleasant, but if affects many households. Your child comes home from school, takes off his or her shoes and releases their noxious fumes into the room. Other than following your child around with a can […]

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Your Child’s “Summer Cold” Might Just Be an Enterovirus

July 13, 2012 Medical Information

Find out what symptoms to look for and how to reduce your child’s risk of getting sick We generally think of winter as the time for colds and the flu. I mean, they are called “colds,” right? So, when your child comes down with a fever and other cold-like symptoms in the steamy months of […]

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Why You Should See an Ob/Gyn Before You Are Pregnant

woman with doctor July 10, 2012 Pregnancy

Having a baby is an exciting adventure. For women who are in their childbearing years or sexually active, you may consider seeing a doctor before you become pregnant. Most women realize the importance of care during pregnancy, but might overlook the need for professional help prior to conception. Scott & White’s Dr. Belinda Kohl-Thomas is […]

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Is Your Child’s Caregiver a Safe Sitter®?

Thumbnail image for Is Your Child’s Caregiver a Safe Sitter®? July 3, 2012 Parenting

Find out how a babysitting preparedness program could help save your child’s life You trust your child’s babysitter to take care of your little one while you’re away. But if an emergency arose, would your child’s caregiver know what to do? The Scott & White injury prevention team wants to help give parents a peace […]

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