May 2012

Organized Sports Could Help Give Your Daughter A Self-Esteem Boost

young girls holding tennis rackets May 29, 2012 Parenting

We all know that physical activity is healthy for children, especially young girls. But why may it be better for your daughter to be a part of an athletic team? Scott & White pediatrician, Phillip G. Itkin, MD, FAAP  said that participating in organized sports gives your little girl the feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie […]

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Popcorn and PJs Bring Hope, Encouragement to Patients at Children’s Hospital

Thumbnail image for Popcorn and PJs Bring Hope, Encouragement to Patients at Children’s Hospital May 22, 2012 Community Involvement

Popcorn is popping and pajama-clad kids and adults are working on crafts and watching a movie on a giant projection screen. Not only is this a fun event, but for the children being treated at the McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White, it is also a welcomed break from doctor’s visits and IV fluids. “[At […]

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Champions Throw Out First Pitch

Thumbnail image for Champions Throw Out First Pitch May 18, 2012 Community Involvement

With the help of a handful of “Champion Kids,” hundreds of generous fans and two amazing baseball teams, $5,400 was raised recently for McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White. Half-a-dozen McLane Children’s Champions simultaneously threw out the first pitch at the recent Temple v. Belton high school baseball game. “Champions” is a new program at […]

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Director of Emergency Medicine Sees Position At New Children’s Hospital As A Dream Come True

Dominic Lucia, MD May 16, 2012 Patient and Staff Stories

As spectators filled the circus tent and the performers prepared for their death-defying acts, a ten-year-old Dominic Lucia watched in horror as two of his friends, performing in a high-wire act, fell 50 feet to the concrete below. “I remember standing there watching EMS work on them, thinking, everybody is helpless except for the couple […]

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Is Your Car Seat Safe?

baby in a car seat May 11, 2012 Safety

What Are The Mistakes Parents Commonly Make When Choosing And Installing A Car Seat And How Can You Fix Them? As a new parent or a parent-to-be, you read all the books, buy the right toys and create an engaging environment for your new baby to come home to. But, one item on the list, […]

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Fifth Disease: Are Those “Slapped Cheeks” a Reason to Worry?

Thumbnail image for Fifth Disease: Are Those “Slapped Cheeks” a Reason to Worry? May 8, 2012 Medical Information

The young mother picked her child up from preschool and was immediately alarmed. It looked as if her son had been slapped across both cheeks. He had a slight fever and was a little grumpy. Her pediatrician said he had a mild viral infection called fifth disease. There was no cause for concern. Shaili Singh, […]

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Tips for Battling Your Post-Baby Belly

May 4, 2012 Pregnancy

How to firm up extra skin and rediscover your shape Let’s face it. Your body has come a long way. After months of pregnancy you have seen your baby bump grow, slowly watching your body adjust. Then it happens. You finally have your baby. You’re feeling relieved to have uncomfortable back aches behind you, what […]

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How Do I Know If My Child Is Too Sick For School?

Thumbnail image for How Do I Know If My Child Is Too Sick For School? May 1, 2012 Parenting

When you begin the process of coaxing your child out of bed for school, you notice their forehead feels warm and their skin is pale and clammy. They seem to be feeling lousy, but do you upset your carefully executed daily routine by keeping them home from school, or do you give them some Tylenol […]

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